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July 23, 2015
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Energy Digital Summit 2015

Branding. Marketing. Digital Technology.

“It’s all about your story. And you have to tell your story in a way that is not just informational, but that’s compelling.” – EDS 2015 attendee on personal branding

Filming the Energy Digital Summit of 2015 over the course of a three day conference was a blast! The Houston-based, bi-annual event highlights marketing activities in the oil and gas industry and allows for experts to share tips and strategies to industry executives of all levels. For the second year of the conference, we covered marketing and technology panels and spoke to experts and attendees to reveal the very best of the practices and presentations the Energy Digital Summit has to offer.

The video includes a comprehensive view of the audience and influence of this event. While the presentation speakers and attendees marinated on themes of insight, content strategy, technology innovation and measurement, we focused on capturing the buzz and activity of the audience. Our overhead cameras show the numerous businesses and brands that participated in the event, the range of fields that were represented, and the overall successful outcome of the summit. In order to stress the influence and impact of this event, we wanted to include testimonials from attendees and speakers on the 20 panels and presentations.

“And what’s been really exciting … is, you know, the buzz that there’s still great potential in marketing even with the oil market that is at a low right now.” – EDS 2015 attendee

More than anything else, this video illuminates the community that was able to gather and promote growth in an industry that is so significant to the makeup of the Houston economy. We look forward to continue working with groups like the Energy Digital Summit and providing the best quality production for events and conferences as noteworthy as this. Until next time, stay tuned!

Watch the Video Below!!!!!

Check out the final EDS Summit Video Below!

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