We are story tellers at heart!

Best Video Production Company in Houston TX

We create captivating content that is informative, multi-functional and fun. Our goal is to highlight your company’s best features, improve your overall customer experience, satisfaction and turn your prospective clients into future customers. We are committed to producing high-quality content while offering unmatchable service and execution.

Adam Taylor

Director Of Photography

Count on me to work tirelessly on the visual display and execution of your content. My expertise lies in capturing your audience’s full attention without saying a thing. Who said a picture is only worth 1,000 words?

Trish Taylor


With 30 years of professional photography experience, I deliver more than a product – I create visions.

Paige Perkins

Digital Artist

I bend the rules of imaging. If images need to be changed, items removed, or years erased then I’m your expert. My creative editing and retouching skills are your secret weapon.

Rena Meredith

Office Manager

You expect every project to be completed with perfect organization, stellar service, and peace of mind. I’m your one-stop stop for coordinating, communicating and finalizing details. There is nothing in between your goals and mine – I fine tune the nitty gritty while you paint the big picture.


We serve clients in a variety of industries, including Oil & Gas, infrastructure and manufacturing, retail and service providers, medical, aerospace, and small businesses. Have an out-of-the-box project? No problem. ??

How it Works!

Video production takes your business to the next level by reaching and interacting with your audience in a new, visually exciting way. Our team handles the production so you can focus on your message. We bring your story and vision to life without the added stress factor. Let us take the wheel – we’ll steer you in the best direction.


Brainstorming your Story

During our pre-production meeting we will work together to brainstorm your message, get a feel for your target audience and coordinate the odds and ends of filming. The best part? You have options. Choose between interview or voice-over styles, commercial actors or corporate representatives, client testimonials shots, an emphasis on community involvement and more. We are here to suit your style of shooting and create the perfect vision for your needs.

Production Day

Capturing your Story

Here’s the meaty part. On production day, we take the heat off of you and apply it to your final product. We always come with high-energy and impeccable focus, ready to take the necessary steps to executing your story and message the way you have envisioned. Filming day is our time to shine and your day of relief. After we wrap, you’ll be able to revisit each scene with photo frames and a detailed write-up of the entire production process on our blog.


Editing and motion graphics

During post-production, we strip everything down to the essentials. We make cuts, edit visuals and graphics and utilize our technical skills to create flawless frames. While it may not be time to unveil the vision just yet, this is the part of production where our creativity and tricks of the trade come out to play.

Final Delivery

Sharing your story with the world.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived! The final delivery may be the most exciting day of your project because you’re able to finally experience the finished product – your new film! The final step is releasing your film to your target audience and completing the goals we established together during the brainstorming process.

Our Portfolio

Our past projects range from TV commercials to corporate instructional films to animated graphics production. We craft the story, produce the film and photography and target your best audience to execute a perfectly polished package. Browse our portfolio below to view our range of film projects and brainstorm ideas for your upcoming production.

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Nyki Deets Realtor

We created this video created for Nyki so she could introduce herself online to new...
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Dr Amber Shamburger

A series of 10 video blogs was created for Dr Shamburger for use on her...
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John Venza Attorney At Law

We created six video for the law firm that they used to marked on social...
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EDS Houston – Chris Westfall

These video blogs were created to help EDS help promote there monthly workshops.
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Energy Digital Summit

This video was created over a three day energy conference in Houston featuring speakers from...
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Center of Reproductive Medicine

These videos were created to help clients learn more about The Center of Reproductive Medicine...
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EDS Houston – Guy Parker

This video was created to help promote EDS's lunch and learn sessions.
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Behind the Scenes – Emergicare

We created this video to give new clients an idea of what goes into creating...
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The Teleprompter

Don't be afraid the teleprompter is one of your most valuable assets. It makes you...
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Emergicare – Cheer Accident 2015 TV Spot

TV Commercial that is used in local marketing for Emergi-care.
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JT Oilfield

This video was created to showcase JT Oilfiled's products and services at there booth during...
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Lewis Jewelers Video Blog

We created a number of video for Lewis Jewelers showcasing different products and services. These...
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Cornerstone Valve – Corporate Video

This video was created to help Cornerstone explain their products and services online and at...
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Lewis Jewelers Holiday Commercial

TV commercial filmed for airing during the holiday season.
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Lewis Jewelers – 4C’s Video Blog

These educational videos were created to help clients understand what to look for so they...
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American Heart Association

We created this video to help raise funds at the annual American Heart Association Gala.
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Dr. Moliver Video Blog

We created video blogs for Dr Moliver to help his patients understand more about he...
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Commercial Reel

This demo show off some of our commercial video work.
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Motion Graphics Reel

Here are some examples of our capabilities when it comes to designing and creating computer...
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Cinematography Reel

Here is some of our cinematography work.
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Rig Data Locations & Operators Report

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Hang It EZ

Custom animation created to help explain and promote the Hang It EZ product.
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Emergi-Care Bee Sting

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OB Cues

This animation was created for OB Cues to air on ESPN during billiard tournaments.
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Vital Allergy and Asthma Football Commercial

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Viet Nguyen

The advertisement was created to run on TV's at a local gym.
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Chocolate Bayou Credit Union

A series of training videos were created to explain how the online banking system works.

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